The World’s Smallest Tactical Pocket Knife

You know what they say about a man with a tiny knife

May 16, 2017 9:00 am

Drop us in the middle of nowhere.

Let us bring this one piece of survival gear. 

With this tiny tool, we can make fire. Or split wood (allegedly). Or do some extremely proficient whittling. In fact, watch it do whatever your normal EDC can do, while weighing in at a single ounce.

Friends, meet the B-2 Nano. 

This tiny, multi-use blade is made by S.F. industrial design company Bomber & Company, which you may remember from its exceptionally successful crowdfunding effort for its Bomber duffel: reportedly Kickstarter’s best-ever duffel campaign, with $400,000 raised over its $15,000 goal. 

The B-2 Nano Blade channels many of the duffle’s key attributes.

It’s designed to marry minimalist design with maximum utility.

For long-distance backpackers, trail runners, or anyone concerned with weight, your Swiss army knife cannot compare: The B-2 is less than an ounce. 

It’s made of 440C black stainless steel, which will resist corrosion and stay sharp. 

And the tooth pattern means that even at this small size, it can saw wood, cut cleanly (without becoming stuck), and scrape flint. 

Which means even if wind, wet, fog, and rain, you don’t have to worry about matches getting wet. 

Just keep your firewood dry. 

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