Your Wall Is Now a Speaker

Soundwall: Great art. Great music. Your wall.

By The Editors
January 8, 2015 9:00 am
Your Wall Is Now a Speaker
©2004 Allan Tannenbaum

Everything’s better with a soundtrack.

Including art.

Filling your walls with amazing art and music: Soundwall, available now.

Soundwall creates “connected canvases.” Essentially, great artwork accompanied by songs, stories and corresponding sounds.

First, a note: these aren’t experimental works from your hippy-dippy local studio.

These are limited-edition and original pieces commissioned by Soundwall from the likes of rock poster god Frank Kozik, photog Spencer Tunick (he of group nudes fame) and highly-respected painters like Emily Burns and Claudio Souza Pinto.

It’s art so good, it sings. Literally.

Thanks to a built-in wireless transmitter, an app and a specially designed canvas to distribute sound, each (size-customizable) Soundwall canvas features its own soundtrack.

You can hear the story behind the painting. Pair it with music chosen by the artist.  

Or … stream whatever you want (Spotify, Pandora, your own collection), turning your art into a hidden-wall speaker.

It even pairs with your Sonos.

To amplify their art/music connection, Soundwall just started selling a series of rock ’n’ roll-themed prints featuring portraits and corresponding musings from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and the Talking Heads.

Sounds like something to add to your wall.

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