New Leaf

By The Editors
October 16, 2013 9:00 am

Look. Coffee’s great and all, but it’s doing a number on your insides and, more importantly, your breath.

Nobody’s asking you to give it up, but maybe now’s a good time to pump the brakes.

Enter Song Tea & Ceramics, now pushing premium loose-leaf in Pac Heights.

Hand-selected by owner Peter Luong during a months-long buyer’s sojourn to China and Taiwan, the 23 teas lining Song’s shelves are seriously best in class — like you.

But don’t just take his word for it.

The former partner in Chinatown’s popular Red Blossom Tea Company is happy to sit you down for some tea test-drives, dropping pearls of pekoe science on your noggin all the while. Gratis.

Why the free education? Maybe because an educated consumer will always choose the best, and the best doesn’t come cheap (Read: some of these blends run you upwards of a K by the pound).

Or maybe it’s just because he knows tea isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

But it could be.

So switch it up a little and breathe easy, hombre.


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