Meal Plan: Tyler Malek

Salt & Straw’s co-founder names his 5 favorite SF eateries

June 21, 2018 9:00 am

Currently on the menu at SF ice cream shoppe nonpareil Salt & Straw: duck crackling with cherry preserves, a collab with Traci Des Jardins of Jardinière. Alternatively: Tokyo PB&J, with Japanese whiskey-spiked strawberry jam, peanut butter and caramelized white chocolate feuilletine, courtesy of Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon in Portland.

And then of course we have our old standbys: sea salt with caramel ribbons, almond brittle with salted ganache, honey lavender.

As for where to head for the non-ice-cream meals of the day?

We asked Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw’s co-founder, for his top choice for every meal of the day (that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and two options for snacks).

And, of course, an ice cream pairing, where appropriate. BYO spoon.

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Breakfast: Sightglass
“I start most of my days in San Francisco at Sightglass in SoMa. How could you not be inspired to wake up in the morning when you can go drink some of the most preciously sourced single-origin coffees in the world while dodging coffee roasters? B. Patisserie is another of my favorites. Belinda Leong’s banana chocolate almond croissant is one of the best bites of my life. I don’t think I know another pastry chef that works as hard on every minute detail of the menu.”

souvla (3 images)

Lunch: Souvla in Hayes Valley
“Souvla is hands down my go-to lunch spot near our Hayes Valley scoop shop. These guys are geniuses when it comes to serving simple, perfectly seasoned, crave-worthy food. Whoever thought of serving their sandwiches in ‘salad-form,’ making for the perfect, not-too-heavy lunch, deserves a Nobel. After lunch, I’d recommend a scoop of our Arbequina Olive Oil ice cream with hot fudge.”

snacks (2 images)

Snacks: Dandelion Chocolate Factory & Cafe or Cowgirl Creamery at the Ferry Building
“Depending on what side of the city I’m on, I love grabbing a snack at Dandelion Chocolate or Cowgirl Creamery. A bowl of mac and cheese at Cowgirl is soul-warming. I love their Mt Tam cheese: it’s got such a cool funkiness on the aged rind and velvety creaminess. I’m envious at how great Dandelion Chocolate is at displaying their art. Their process of roasting and conching chocolate is so special. They not only show that magical process for the world to see, but their menu of drinking chocolate, chocolate cakes and tarts are all life-changing. I love their Nibby Horchata; it’s such a cool way to use an ingredient like fresh roasted cocoa nibs.”

dinner (2 images)

Dinner: Rich Table
“I love walking down the road from our Hayes scoop shop for dinner at Rich Table. I fell in love when I first saw photos of their porcini doughnuts. Ugh, my mouth is watering as I write this. Everything on their menu follows up with that perfect balance of thought-provoking combinations with insanely punchy flavor. The sardine chips are insane, every pasta I’ve ever had here becomes my new “best dish of the year,” and the experience is like this journey of calmness with a sense of adventure. After a meal here, I’d recommend splitting two scoops of our Rye Whiskey Sorbet & Double Fold Vanilla ice cream.”


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