Meal Plan: Joshua Skenes

So where’s a guy with three Michelin stars eat?

December 6, 2018 9:00 am

Chef Joshua Skenes made his name at Saison, which just last week was awarded three Michelin stars.


We imagine he’s a busy guy, between running Saison and new spot Angler, celebrating those Michelin stars and receiving the regular non-Michelin plaudit (like Esquire naming Angler the best new restaurant in the country just a few days ago).

In between all that, though, he managed to tell us all about his five top food spots in town — including the one he calls the “best restaurant in San Francisco.”

Forget Yelp. These are the dining recommendations you need in your life.

noodles (2 images)

Images: Hai Ky Mi Gia

Breakfast: Hai Ky Mi Gia
“Hai Ky Mi Gia in the Tenderloin is the best place for chao zhou noodles, noodle soup and milk tea. Get the #2 with egg noodles and milk tea. I make sure I get there early at 7 or 8 a.m., when there’s only a few tables taken, and there isn’t a long wait.”

BL (2 images)

Images: Boulettes Larder

Breakfast option #2: Boulettes Larder
“Chef Amaryll Schwertner is one of the few chefs that has the innate ability to bring things to life. Her cooking has a maturity and sense of balance you rarely see. I don’t know why this place isn’t waitlisted for the next three years. It’s the best restaurant in San Francisco.”

ZY (2 images)

Images: Z&Y

Lunch (“or dinner”): Z&Y
“It doesn’t matter what meal it is. I recommend to go to Z&Y with at least four people; six, preferably, to enjoy the plethora of tastes. This is a complete meal that I order in Chinese. Here are the literal translations and my menu line-up: ‘Red Oil Wontons,’ ‘Sour Beans with Pork,’ ‘Bitter Melon with Osmanthus Honey,’ ‘Boiled Dumplings,’ ‘Spicy Numbing Beef Tendon,’ ‘Sour Mustard Green Fish Soup,’ ‘Mouth-Watering Chicken’ and ‘Steamed Rice.’”

Image: Imperial Tea Court

Tea: Imperial Tea Court
“Really exceptional tea rarely makes it out of China, and Imperial Tea Court has the best of commercially available tea. I order the Imperial Green Oolong Tea, but recommend you try any of the Imperial Green Teas. When it comes to high quality available commercially, this is the best. Just like food, tea is not just about flavor. It’s about overall taste balance: flavor, temperature, texture, aroma, fragrance and mouthfeel.”

Image: Angler

Drink: Game Room Bar at Angler
“For drinks, honestly, I thought about it, and my favorite place is the Game Room Bar at Angler.”

Main image: Angler


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