Camp Counselor

By The Editors
June 24, 2014 9:00 am

Despite fancy new tents and portable stoves that charge phones, camping really hasn’t changed much over the decades.

That’s the charm.

What’s not charming: it’s still a bitch to find a new (and good) spot.

Here to help: Hipcamp, a new one-stop shop for locating and, yes, booking your next night of roughing it.

One part lookbook for State and National Parks, one part travel agent, Hipcamp maintains real-time availability on over 1,200 campsites throughout California, connecting you directly to the agencies responsible for securing your spot.

Maps. Features. Amenities. They’ve got comprehensive details in spades.

Plus plenty of pictures to drag you out of your Russian River rut.

And when you find the campground that’s right for you, they’ll sherpa you to the getting-it-done place.

Whereupon you’ll get it done.

If that seems a little too easy, fret not. You’ll still have to pitch your tent the old fashioned way.

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