Finally, a Pot Shop for Adults

See you at Harvest. Bring a doctor’s note.

By The Editors
April 6, 2016 9:00 am

Pot is a bazillion-dollar business.

So why not make buying it a better experience?

The current landscape: antiseptic, awkwardly formal doctor’s office-esque shops — if you’re lucky. Long lines, neon and puns involving the word “green” if you’re not.

Can’t the industry deliver in a more comfortable, welcoming space?

Sure it can. Harvest is here to prove the point.  

They bill themselves as “California’s only private, members-only cannabis lounge,” and members of their “Collective” (sign up here) will enjoy friendly, knowledgeable service, potent, locally sourced buds and a warm, woody space complete with comfy seating and tasteful decor.

The product is easily accessible. Take your time. Mull. Consider. Peruse the edibles and tinctures.

Admire the shop’s inclusiveness, with an array of brands fronted by women, like Auntie Dolores (snacks) and Flour Child (balms and jams).

Be sure to bring cash to avoid the debit-card fee. And don’t forget your doctor’s note: Pleasing design palette or no, there are still some hoops we need to jump through.

But now, at least dreading the in-store experience isn’t one of them.

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