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Fab Ciraolo comes to Gauntlet Gallery

By The Editors
September 25, 2014 9:00 am

At its worst, irony is the lifeblood of snark.

But at its best, it transcends sarcasm and becomes something earnest — a warm reflection of the weird times we call home.

Example: The work of Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo in LEGENDARY, a solo show opening this weekend at Gauntlet Gallery in the Tenderloin.

It’s his second appearance stateside, and your eyes would do well to make with a gander.

Known for: pop-historical mash-up portraits.

Hipster Che Guevara. Dali rolling Molly. He-Man playing golf.

Dude’s out there, but he’s got the eye to pull it all together.

LEGENDARY revisits Fab’s earlier themes, but with a staid hand, linear focus and muted palette that amplifies the juxtapositions.

Just sort of pops, you know.

The exhibit runs through the 15th of October, but you’ll want to hit up the opening reception on Saturday night. RSVP here.

As an added bonus, Gauntlet’s secondary Bayside Space gallery will be host to an opening of its own that night: the Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles-themed work of David Grizzle.

Nothing ironic about that.

Nota bene: Grab selects of Fab’s prior work right here.

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