Morning Glory

By The Editors
May 15, 2014 9:00 am

San Francisco, we are a city divided.

On one side: classic SF and its weirdo ideals.

The other side: new SF and its weirdo ways to spend greenbacks.

Caught in the middle: brunch.

Or, rather, BRVNCH, a private club of amplified brunches debuting this summer, taking reservations now for their inaugural event this June.

Because even that most milquetoast of weekend traditions is susceptible to the pull of the dark side.

BRVNCH isn’t Sunday succor. It’s about paying hangovers forward.

Go-go dancers. Open bar. Bottle service. DJs spinning EDM.

Also brunch.

Insert record scratch.

And it’s a private club. Meaning you need a membership to even hear about the festivities, let alone attend.

Except this once.

In honor of its birth, BRVNCH is openly taking reservations for its first event on June 29th.

Location: secret. They’ll grant you the deets once you’re holding your golden ticket.

Likewise, when the membership rolls open on the day of the event, you’ll get preferential access to membership.

It’s time to choose a side.


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