Southern Exposure

By The Editors
July 29, 2013 9:00 am

Sure, San Franciscans enjoy the remote serenity of a Big Sur getaway — the sun through the fir trees, the low croak of cormorants, the leashless yonder of free-range canines — but hike long enough and you’ll develop a hunger that can’t be sated by nori snacks and coconut water alone.

Thus: Big Sur Roadhouse, the first new restaurant to open in Big Sur since Dubya’s first term (and deliciously close to the clothing-optional, cliffside hot springs of The Esalen Institute).

Basically, this is the casually romantic downrange getaway you’ve been looking for. Things don’t change in Big Sur that often – land development laws prevent it, making the area about as progressive as Cuba.

Big Sur Roadhouse changes that. Cheffed by NOLA expat Matt Glazer, the kitchen’s plating a cajun-infused menu of Blackened King Salmon, Seabass Po’ Boys and Red Bean Stuffed Portabellos.

The ambiance: warm.

While you’re making reservations, go ahead and book a cabin at the adjacent Glen Oaks (ask for the one with the secluded outdoor bathtubs).

Then, top the weekend off with a late night (1-3 a.m. only) dip in the highly exclusive, bare-assed hot springs down the block.

Relaxed, well rested and well fed. And probably naked. A weekend jaunt doesn’t get much better than that.


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