Cart of the Matter

By The Editors
March 11, 2014 9:00 am

Food cart guys and gals have always been a little piratical.

The privateers of our culinary seas.

It only makes sense they’d eventually post up on a boat.

So get your tickets to the Behind the Cart underground supper at sea (well, on the water at least), available now.

BTC is a gathering of culinary misfits — specialty cart operators, pop-up restaurateurs and alternative suppliers — and this dinner marks its return from a two-year hiatus.

On the menu: seafood, of course.

There are two seatings, and the food’s prepped by the likes of Chefs Matt Burger and Eddie Dick (Nopa SF) along with BTC’s founder Michael Davidson (a.k.a. GrilledCheezGuy).

The chefs will complement each course with true, behind-the-cart stories (Get it?) of how they became swashbuckling toques.

It’s just your average night of gourmet food and good stories on a refurbished and well-appointed Nordic icebreaker.

Typical SF stuff, really.

Nota Bene: Each of the two seatings is limited to 25 patrons. Get your tickets before they’re fished to extinction and await further instruction.


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