Fire It Up

By The Editors
May 19, 2014 9:00 am

Barbeque season is nigh, hombre.

Starts this weekend, in fact, and whether you mean to fire it up at a campsite or on the homestead, you’re gonna need meat.

To that end, meet AgLocal, your new source for the best in pasture-raised, family-farmed grillables, taking orders now.

Launching this week, the offer runs thus: AgLocal works with a tight roster of regional ranches — regularly inspecting and certifying the quality of their offerings and practices — and ships a box of curated cuts to your door on a monthly subscription basis.

Like that box of organic kale and carrots your neighbor gets on the regular, but mouth-watering.

They’ve got different subscriptions to fit different predilections, but your correspondent suspects the Grill Master is the package you seek.

Five pounds or ten? Thats your call.

Also in the box: backstory on the farms behind this month’s shipment and pro-tips for perfect cooking.

Saddle up.

Nota bene: Yesterday was the cutoff for this week’s shipment, but we pulled some strings. AgLocal’s got twenty boxes set aside for fast acting InsideHook readers looking to get a jump on doing Memorial Day right. So jump to it.



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