Wizards of Odd

By The Editors
September 19, 2012 9:00 am

How would you describe your best friend in one word?

Wait, don’t answer that. Let a HBO documentarian do it for you — by engraving it on a pocketknife — with “The Golden Word,” a first-ever “bespoke gifting exhibition” from the oddball menagerie Museum, opening today.

Here’s the skinny: you have a friend. You want to buy him/her a gift. So you make an appointment with artist/filmmaker Van Neistat. He engraves the recipient’s name in 14K gold leaf on one side of a Victorinox “SwissChamp” knife. On the other side, he engraves a “golden word.”

golden word 2

Here’s the catch: you don’t choose that word. Van Neistat chooses it for you – or rather, “divines it from you,” after conversing with you about the recipient for 15 minutes.

Here’s the other catch: you can’t buy one for yourself. They can only be given as gifts.

golden word 3

This is atypical weirdness, even for New York’s smallest museum, which is housed in a tricked-out freight elevator in a Tribeca alley and exhibits bizarre antiquities from around the world — ranging from combs and IDs exhumed from the ocean floor, to wicked-looking homemade weaponry, to the shoe thrown at President George W. Bush.

Who can also be described in one word, but that word is up to you.

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