Unforgettable Boozing, Delivered to Your Door

Twist brings the city’s best mixologists to you

March 20, 2017 9:00 am

You don’t always drink to forget.

For those of you celebrating a major life event around New York — wedding, business launch, Friday — there’s now a memorable boozing experience worthy of your accomplishments.

It’s called Twist.

Twist comes from the delightfully unconventional catering group Pinch Food Design (we dug the inspired oddities of Plated, their dinner party experience, a few years back). Launched this month by chef/designer duo Chef Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard, Twist teamed with mixologists from The Breslin, Pouring Ribbons and Violet Hour to bring an “elevated cocktail experience” into your event space.

Essentially, it’s boozy catering built for large, scrutinizing crowds … you know, like the people at your wedding who’ll remember if you opt for a cash bar.

Here, the boozing is as much about the prep as it is the final drink. They pair fresh, seasonal ingredients with unusual presentation (French press cocktails, luge martinis, etc.) for a dazzling interactive drinking experience your guests will write home about.

We went did a trial run of Twist last week in Midtown that walked us through multiple “activations” with bespoke brass-and-maple bar carts serving up unique takes on classic drinks.

We drank. We asked many questions (“What is this? Oh, a deconstructed Old Fashioned topped with bourbon and angostura bitters-infused cotton candy? Sweet.”) We posted Instagrams. We drank some more.

A few of our favorite activations:

Ten glass funnels filled with unusual ingredients (hibiscus flowers, teas) sit on a two-tiered maple-and-brass shelving unit, slowly infusing your tequila drink.

Marble Slab
A spin on the ice luge. Here, Carrara marble with grooved channels agitates and aerates your spirits as they flow down the stone. Perfect for a martini, where the vermouth and the gin/vodka are poured separately and combined in an ice-filled bowl. Garnished with Sichuan peppers or caper berries.

Wine Balons
Wine decanting, accelerated. You choose the region.

Built for weddings or any type of large celebration, Twist starts at $100/person and is available throughout the Tri-State area (update: A rep for Twist clarified it’s currently available just in New York).


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