The Book Of Sandwich: BBQ

Seven New York BBQ sandwiches that kick ass, take napkins

April 19, 2017 9:00 am

New York has almost too many signature sandwiches to count.

The bacon, egg and cheese. The Reuben. The chopped cheese. 

Makes it hard to even consider stepping out to chow down on a non-native number.

But for BBQ, we will always make an exception.

Here are the best seven BBQ sammies this fair(ish) city serves up, from pulled pork to pork belly to brisket — and beyond.

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ
Chances are if you know BBQ, you’ve saddled up to this establishment before. Their single-serving half-pound or full-pound of brisket, burnt ends or pulled pork on a roll will have you returning for more.

Hometown BBQ
Using the Southern technique of oak-smoking has Manhattanites journeying all the way to Red Hook for this one. Don’t miss the pulled pork BBQ sammy with hometown slaw, whiskey sour pickles, cornmeal fried onions and hot ranch on a sesame roll. Hot damn.

Great Jones Cafe
You’ve likely had their famous (and hangover-curing) burger. Now it’s time to revisit for a little shredded pig. It’s a classic and sloppy. So no white shirts and just go ahead and tuck that napkin right in your collar. No shame here.

Court Street Grocers
This South Brooklyn grocer is serving up a little something called the Macho Man. But it’s not little. It’s their variation of a Cuban with pulled pork butt, cheddar and slaw smothered in house-made duck sauce and then jammed into sumptuous garlic bread.

John Brown Smokehouse
The P.B.L.T. is a gangbusters smoked belly take on the classic BLT. If you’re in Long Island City, you’re in for a treat. If you’re not feeling adventurous, go for the classic N.C.-style pulled pork.

Rocket Pig
This is the best pork sandwich in the city. You’re getting spice-rubbed pork on ciabatta with mustard and onion jam. Go now.

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ
The no-frills Carolina pulled pork sandwich will haunt your dreams … in a good way. It’s oak-smoked and topped with piquant pepper vinegar. Yeow!


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