Gym Dandy

By The Editors
October 25, 2013 9:00 am

You know that guy at the gym who scream-lifts barbells and blesses every workout bench with a back-sweat benediction?

Yeah, that guy’s awesome.

But you’ll never have to see him again if you hook yourself up with SportSetter.

A just-launched fitness concierge, SportSetter lets you cherry-pick from workouts across the city.

Sign up, enter your fitness interests and where you live/work, and SportSetter will dish out passes to sundry gyms, personal trainers and classes around NYC.

So in lieu of winter’s same-gym doldrums, you’re sweating it out at Crossfit, then scaling 40-foot walls at the Northeast’s largest climbing gym, then doing anti-gravity yoga (Editor’s note: This is not, as we hoped, yoga for people who dislike Sandra Bullock).

Your fitness regimen stays varied, you stay motivated. Simple.

Plus, SportSetter’s got access to the city’s most hi-tech spa facilities – gonzo options like a “cryosauna” that drops to almost negative 300 degrees (a favorite of Usain Bolt).

Have fun out there, muscles.

Nota bene: Enter promo code “INSIDEHOOK10” for a free month, and thank us when a New Year’s fitness resolution isn’t necessary.

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