Riverboat Cruise Followed by a Jungle Party. Let’s Review.

The last hot summer nights are yours for the taking

August 21, 2018 9:00 am

The best dates are carefully planned, but leave space for actual enjoyment.

White gloves and opera tickets? Too much.

Your favorite beer-and-a-shot happy hour? Too little.

Striking the perfect balance: a romantic boat cruise evoking a ride down the Seine followed by a jungle-themed cocktail oasis straight out of Tulum.

The Fit
Asking ‘em out in the first place — good luck coming up with a sailing joke that lands — is the hard part. So let’s keep your outfit simple. Combat Gent makes evening wear that’s good lookin’ but accessibly priced, like this Khaki Slim Fit Jacket. Pair with some suede sneaks and classically styled jeans from Nordstrom’s recently opened menswear hub at Columbus Circle. Heck, you can even throw on a T-shirt and call it a day if you smell good and use the right fork.

cruise (3 images)

The Fun
The first time we laid eyes on this boat, we thought, “The heck is a glass-ceiling German riverboat doing on the Hudson”? Serving dinner, apparently. Because that boat is the Bateaux, a three-hour dinner cruise. While we wouldn’t typically recommend an NYC boat tour, this three-hour affair is reminiscent of the enchanting bateau-mouche cruises they host on the Seine. You’ll be dining on international fare like miso cod with oyster mushrooms and crab cakes with succotash, and there are plenty of cocktails, along with a backdrop of live jazz and spectacular city views.

Gitano (3 images)

The Finale
Chances are you’ve passed Gitano in a cab a million times by now and wondered why there’s a jungle on Canal Street. Well, it’s time to find out. The Tulum-based “establishment” is 24,000 square feet at serving up rustic Mexican libations like the Jungle Fever, which includes mezcal, lime, chili and muddled cilantro. But channel your inner Mowgli now — Gitano is set to close up shop come fall.


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