Hey Good Bookin’

By The Editors
August 8, 2012 9:00 am

What eReaders lack in personality, they make up for in convenience — like, isn’t it convenient nobody can tell you’re tittering over 50 Shades of Grey? Unless you’re in a gimp suit. Can’t help you there.

Stay incognito while staying classy with Out of Print’s newly-launched “E-Book Jackets”, just funded on Kickstarter.

Built by America’s oldest bookbinder and designed by MIT eggheads, Out of Print’s tough-as-nails jackets are gorgeous replicas of the original book covers of last century’s definitive tomes — from the art deco eyes of Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, to the titular white whale of Melville’s Moby Dick to the temptress of Nabokov’s Lolita. out of print 3

The jackets are designed for the iPad, Kindle Fire, or Nexus 7, and the interior cradle fits the exact contours of the device, allowing you to easily access all important ports and buttons. out of print 3

And just like a true hardcover, the jackets will artfully weather over time the way a good book should.

Simply pre-order on Kickstarter, and you’ll receive an email requesting your choice of cover. Come September, your eReader’s new outfit will arrive in the mail.

However, you’ll still need a good alibi when asked “so, whatcha readin, gimp?”

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