Manhattan’s Newest Speaker Store Takes Private Listening Appointments

Devialet will make you an audio snob. You’ve been warned.

November 18, 2016 9:00 am

We thought we’d heard music before. Turns out that was a lie.

French audiophilia upstart Devialet just threw open the doors of their first U.S. flagship in Soho. And when you walk out of that flagship, nothing is the same.

The maker’s Phantom speakers made serious waves earlier this year with a stunning design and a cavernous range. The bass notes? So low and rich that humans can’t even hear them (you’ll feel it, however). The falsettos? Sky-scraping, but with zero sound distortion whatsoever.

And now, following the opening of Sonos and Sennheiser’s stores earlier this year, Devialet has opened up their own New York home just a few blocks away on Greene (Speaker Row, anyone?).

Set aside some time to test out the Silver and Gold edition speakers in an acoustically sealed private room. Set up an appointment now. It’s worth it.

And by worth it, we mean these speakers will crack open your brain, crawl inside and then paint the walls with sound so nuanced you may start going to church this weekend. You’ve never heard bass extension at this clarity before. And no need for a subwoofer; no sir: even the cheaper model easily extends below 20 Hz, a rare feat for a full-range device. And that wall of sound is so meticulously self-contained that even an iPhone placed atop the Gold Phantom pumping out max sub-bass won’t budge the slightest bit.

The sound sinks right into your skull. It envelopes you. It mesmerizes.

Everything sounds beautiful, and nothing hurts.

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