Seances, Secret Tastings and Bubbly

This is how you Halloween in NYC

By The Editors
October 19, 2015 9:00 am

If you’re braving the town on Halloween — costumed, besotted masses be damned — you better be braving it for good reason.

That reason: the holiday falls on a Saturday this year, and we’ve got a line on a pair of spooky-but-sexy backroom spectacles you don’t want to miss.

No costume necessary. No munchkins allowed. Here’s your plan.

The Fit

Leave the costumes for the collegiate set. But definitely wear it black. Pair Public School’s Rib Collar Jacket and Want Derbys with your favorite pair of black jeans will make you a proverbial Dark Knight.

The Trick

Cross over to the real dark side with Taste of Magic’s The Séance. Fair warning: this event will legitimately scare the s*** out of you. Hosted by Jason Suran, the evening offers 12 patrons (per performance) a uniquely bone-chilling journey into that will “attempt to set foot over the boundary that separates the living from the dead.” A world-class mentalist and illusionist, Suran has performed at Carnegie Hall and can regularly be found toying with the minds of befuddled celebrities at Soho House.

Get tickets here.

The Treat

Who better to provide an otherworldly affair other than the harlequins and misfits at Queen of the Night? For Halloween night only, guests of the Cirque du Soleil-meets-Sleep No More revue will enjoy admission to the show (reason enough, trust) plus a private post-show tasting in the venue’s super secret Sugar Lounge with acclaimed Chef Ryan Dutch. Expect standout items like bombolini filled with uni cream, avocado & Don Julio sorbet, and a pumpkin whoopee pie filled with Madras curry mascarpone. You don’t have to threaten us with a good time.

Make reservations here.

Pro tip: Want the night to continue? Sneak over to the West Village. Downstairs and through a red door, you’ll find a tiny, sexy room with a handful of red velvet chairs called Riddling Widow. They specialize in champagne.


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