Bottle Royale

April 15, 2013 9:00 am

Steve Hindy was once kidnapped and held hostage in Lebanon.

He lived. He started making beer. Today, you know his suds as Brooklyn Brewery.

Now, he’s taking you back to the source.

Introducing Brooklyn Brewery’s War Correspondents speaker series — beginning with none other than ur-combat journo Sebastian Junger — now selling tickets.

Junger, the first of several featured reporters in the series, will wax chaotic about his current HBO doc Which Way is the Front Line From Here?

The discussion will be followed by a reception in BB’s Tasting Room, with a chance to chat with the speakers.

Hindy included. He was the AP’s Middle East correspondent in the 1970s, reporting from Beirut during Lebanon’s civil war. He was embedded with the Iraqi Army during the Iran-Iraq War. He was sitting behind Anwar Sadat when the Egyptian president was assassinated.

It was in the Middle East that Hindy learned homebrewing from American expats making their own suds in the notoriously booze-averse region.

Now Hindy and his cronies will share their exploits – and Hindy can tell you in person how he got started.

“Yeah,” says Hindy, “I wouldn’t call it a recommended course.”


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