Cruisin’ for a Boozin’

By The Editors
September 10, 2012 9:00 am

So you’re out of beer. Not the end of the world, except you’re not feeling super motivated to go buy more beer. Mostly because you’ve already consumed a lot of beer.

Bringing the hooch to you, and lickety-split: BoozeCarriage, a newly-launched service that’ll bring bevvies to anywhere in the city in an hour or less.

Simply enter your D.O.B. and zip on the site, and BoozeCarriage displays the available products for your area. Because advance planning is for sober people, BoozeCarriage arranges last minute deliveries by using local retailers, so you can get one last bottle of vino before a dinner party, or a case of cold ones before Sunday kickoff.

Selection varies ‘hood to ‘hood, but runs the gamut from Johnny Blue to Cuervo Black, along with American and European wines and enough craft brews to make you forget the phrase “lite beer”. Additionally, they’ve got your back on party essentials like ice, fruit, cups, and even playing cards.

Most importantly, all BoozeCarriage’s offerings cost exactly what they would in the store, and there’s no delivery fee to anywhere in their zone from 116th to Battery Park (as well as BK and Queens).

Brings new meaning to the term “beer run”.

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