Where To Take Her

By The Editors
April 11, 2014 9:00 am

Your correspondent has it under good authority that right now, at this very Gregorian moment, a not-small percentage of women have a single phrase on their mind: “get right for summer.” Step one in their quest: the gym. Step two: the spa. Step two is where you come in. Here’s Where to Take Her, Spa Edition.

Ciel Spa – Beverly Hills – You know what’s romantic? Bathing together in a Philippe Starck dreamscape. That’s what’s floating at Ciel Spa at the SLS Hotel. Check your tension at the door, lie side by side and listen to the tunes of your choosing.

Four Seasons Westlake – Westlake – Tucked into the Malibu mountains, the FS Westlake is where you go when you want a little golf, a little ocean and a little energy healing. They’ve got yoga in a garden, gorgeous pools and excellent cuisine.  

Golden Door – Escondito – The Japanese inspired Golden Door offers the most transformative experience out there. Want to gain inner focus? They have mediation classes and archery. Need to lose weight? Not only will you detox, they’ll show you how to eat healthy.

Ojai Valley Inn – Ojai – In addition to having a spa penthouse — complete with private elevator and a balcony upon which you can take your massages — the Ojai Valley Inn has golf lessons with PGA-level instructors.

Peninsula Hotel Spa – Beverly Hills – The Peninsula Hotel’s Spa has fully bespoke treatments. Their experts assess your skin and muscular issues and set to fixing whatever’s the problem. That’s why it’s always rated among the world’s top spas.

RAYA – West Hollywood – Want her to feel like gold? Book her an appointment at RAYA. They have a 24k gold facial. Yes. Gold. It’ll help reduce aging, improve dry skin and leave her shiny — like, well, gold. The bright, modishly European decor is also home to great massages.

The Raven Spa – Santa Monica or Silver Lake – Calling all ye’ namaste hipsters and hippies. The Raven’s Eastern motif doors and tiled floors house acupuncture, yoga classes and delightful rubdowns, all geared towards your enlightenment.

Two Bunch Palms – Desert Hot Springs – This is where Tim Robbins’s character in Altman’s The Player escapes with the girlfriend of the writer he murdered. Mud baths, candlelit massages and organic food all do wonders for the body. And a guilty conscience.

Voda – West Hollywood – Pristine Russian spa Voda comes with every service under the sun, from waxing to massaging to soaking in their mineral rich pool (co-ed). Their sauna is called a banya — drier and hotter than a typical western sauna.


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