SoFar and Away

October 23, 2012 9:00 am

Catching a band on the cusp of stardom confers cache, but to stay in the know you have to put up with annoying venues rife with teenagers — like The Townhouse, or The Facebook.

For a sophisticated experience in more comfortable environs, check out SoFar Sounds, a series of invite-only gigs held in the living rooms of Los Angeles homes.

SoFar Sounds

Here’s how this works: SoFar shows are designed to create “an intimate and spellbinding atmosphere,” so they enforce strict house rules. No talking. No texting. And no leaving early. You’re in for the duration.

Each show features four emerging acts performing four songs. Musicians won’t be revealed until the day of, but don’t worry: the show’s worth it. Past musicians have included Jamestown Revival (featured in “Rolling Stone’s” Cover Contest) and Saint Motel — unsigned when they first performed, now with Atlantic Records.

SoFar Sounds

Tickets to these shows are, amazingly, free, and getting one takes two quick steps: first, join SoFar’s mailing list, then use this link to RSVP. Sunday’s show is sold out, but they’ve reserved a limited number of tickets for InsideHook readers. Simply tell them we sent you and they’ll let you know the location three days prior.

And if you can’t make it, every SoFar performance is streamed live online. Hell, you may be on The Facebook after all.

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