Your Dog vs. a Rattlesnake

Advantage: Your dog.

By The Editors
July 28, 2015 9:00 am

You need to get outdoors (Might we suggest a hike to the Cave of the Munits?). So does your dog. But before you hit the hills with your four-legged friend, you’d do well to outfit him thusly.

Natural Solutions K-9 Rattlesnake Training
With temps rising, don’t be surprised to see rattlesnakes soaking up some rays on hiking trails. Natural Solutions trains dogs to avoid them using live rattlesnakes in a way that’s safe for both animals.

First, they drain the rattlesnake’s venom. Then they place a muzzle on its head so it can strike but not bite. Your dog wears a stimulation collar.

When dog and rattlesnake are introduced, the collar sends high-pressure air to the dog in a way that’s not painful but alerts it that the rattlesnake is dangerous. It works.

OutFox Field Guard
The drought and high heat mean more foxtails, a barbed seed that when inhaled travels up your dog’s nose and can irritate its eyes and ears. OutFox Field Guard is a mesh enclosure that goes around your dog’s head so they can see and breathe without inhaling them.

Musher’s Secret
Rocks and hard-packed dirt can get as hot as pavement. Protect your pooch’s paws with Musher’s Secret, a barrier wax that allows perspiration to exit through the toes but keeps their pads protected.

Filson Dog Bowl
Hydration is as important for your dog as it is for you. Filson’s Dog Bowl is water repellent, easy to store (wraps up and clips to a pack) and sports Filson’s signature tan and hunter green fabric. Pro tip: dip your dog’s paws in the bowl for an accelerated cooldown.

Hike to the Cave of the Munits
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