Dinner Plan: Silverlake

Tasty seafood and the only patio party you need this summer

By The Editors
June 8, 2016 9:00 am

From the driving, to the parking, to the not knowing where to drive or park, dinner in L.A. is harder than it should be. That’s why we created Dinner Plan — your itinerary to a damn good time.

Plans. In this congested, mile-a-minute world, it behooves you to have one.

But plans also kill the many joys of spontaneity — which is why the best ones leave room to get creative.

To wit: we’re sending you to Silver Lake, a neighborhood with your pick of great bars and a new seafood-focused outdoor eatery that’s basically a no-brainer in the food and bev department.

You’ll then follow that up with a little dancing at a nearby bar with an equally awesome patio … after some pit stops at said great bars, of course.

Sawyer Kitchen & Bar

You want to book a table on the back patio at Sawyer Kitchen & Bar, the new neighborhood spot from the Churchill guys. It’s spacious, surrounded by olive trees and warmed by a fireplace — the ideal spot to quaff some vino and take down a buttery lobster roll or a soft shell crab sandwich.

3705 Sunset Blvd (map)


Tenants of the Trees

Tenants of the Trees doesn’t get pumping until late, so if you have an in, take your time. If you don’t have one, consider heading over early to beat the line. Their patio offers lots of perches to peoplewatch, and it’s a crowd worth watching. The cocktails are boozy, so pace yourself, and the DJs spin to get the crowd moving. Consider booking a table in advance.

2808 Hyperion Ave (map)


Along the way …

The streets between Sawyer and Tenants are chock-a-block with watering holes, and fortune favors the scenic route. Here are our favorites:

Black Cat: A nice, grand bar that’s a good in-betweener and also a solid close

Bar Stella: Consider starting the night here — classic cocktails, but potent

Hyperion Public: Where you want to stop for a drink if there’s a game on

Casita Del Campo: If you’re feeling frisky, this place gets crazy on Saturday nights. Expect tequila shots.

Jay’s Bar: Great selection of brown liquors for before or after dinner


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