Snarkitecture’s Immersive New “Park” Is Perfect for Date Night

Plus: A four-course wine dinner with two seatings nightly

March 7, 2019 9:00 am

In Scobey, Montana — a town that literally holds the title “Middle of Nowhere” — dinner and a show is probably a momentous occasion.

But this is New York City. So dinner means a 25-person tasting menu led by a different wine connoisseur each night. And a show means a famed artist/architect’s new “immersive” exhibit, where you’ll play weird games that rotate regularly.

In aggregate, it makes for a date night so interesting you’ll be tempted to call up your ex for a partner in crime if you have to.

Keep the business for the grind and let’s go casual. Respectable, but casual. Given that you’ll be having dinner with “friends” and doing whatever an immersive art exhibit might entail, it’s best to be prepared. In this case, that means look respectable, light-hearted and prepare for anything. Sneakers are A-OK.


It’s like dinner at a dear friend’s home … but with 23 strangers. Soho’s new Niche Niche plays host to a darling concept where the venue will host intimate dinners led by a different wine industry professional each go-round. From founders Ariel Arce and her father Billy (the duo that brought us Tokyo Record Bar and Air’s Champagne Parlor), it’s $40 for a four-course tasting and $40 for dinner, with two sessions per night, all in a relaxed but chic, educational atmosphere.

On the very near horizon, we’ll all find ourselves headed to Hudson Yards, that massive cookie-cutter development occupying a former industrial wasteland that sits just north of Chelsea on the West Side. And to help kick off the affair, large-format artist Daniel Ashram (aka Snarkitecture) is unveiling Snark Park, an immersive exhibition that he compares to a giant “Lost and Found.” Think of it as a man-made, monochromatic indoor forest, complete with tons of “audible, visual and tactile experiences.” The actual components of the exhibit will rotate regularly, but expect things similar to the giant ball-pit “beach” that Ashram recently brought to Chicago’s Navy Pier. Snag your tickets here — they’re going quickly.

Main image courtesy Niche Niche


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