Good Luck Not Losing This Coin-Sized Folding Knife

‘Where the hell'd I put that thing?’

July 9, 2018 9:00 am

You may remember us waxing derisively on EDC knives a few weeks ago. Namely: they’ve drifted a little too Excalibur as of late. And the folks at LA-based Fulcrum Knives seem to be on board with that take.

They’re currently raising funds for their Eclipse knife on Kickstarter, a plucky, coin-shaped flip blade that’ll capably handle all your day-to-day hacking, cutting and carving concerns as inconspicuously as possible.

eclipse (4 images)

The Eclipse is a miniscule 6-mm thick, and morphs from its sheathed circular shape to a half-moon stainless steel blade with a simple click. It comes with an ergonomic fiberglass grip and easily stows on a keychain, and it can open boxes, carve apples and whittle sticks with equal aplomb. It can probably even handle a messy pizza in a pinch.

Find more information on early-bird specials and securing your California-designed, American-made Eclipse here.

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