By The Editors
April 1, 2013 9:00 am

Every man has his vices. As we age, it’s best to keep those proclivities below the surface.

I.e., in a submarine.

Introducing the Nautilust, a 48-hour “Cocktails and Companionship” cruise aboard an LA-class sub, embarking for international waters from Long Beach next month and just now taking reservations.

A first ever partnership between Lockheed Martin and Bally’s Hotels, the Nautilust was converted into a recreational vessel after government cutbacks forestalled its purchase by the US Navy.

Aiming to do for uncharted waters what Bugsy Siegel did for the desert, the Nautilust crew added portholes to the officers’ cabins and converted the mess to POP-i, a cabaret with a host of private, pay-by-the-minute rooms, each furnished with a cellophane-wrapped sofa and floor-to-ceiling steel pole (“Purely structural,” says club director Daniel Lafferty).

And in the forward bulkhead, a casino offers the full suite of table games plus international water exclusives like cockfighting and Russian roulette.

The missile silos remain operational and at midnight the submarine surfaces to discharge a round of fireworks so spectacular they’ll be seen from Burbank.

The Nautilust makes its maiden voyage May 1st, and tickets can be purchased here.

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