Love Hurts

July 23, 2014 9:00 am

The modern Chicago man is a survivalist.

How else would you explain his ability, when left in the wilds of, say, Logan Square, to track and kill entire six-packs of the elusive Goosus Islandus?

And yet there are other skills — more manly skills, even — with which city-dwelling Chicago men are largely unfamiliar. And for those, we recommend you attend the Whole Larder Love Workshop, taking reservations now.

The Whole Larder Love Workshop is a no-holds-barred weekend of outdoor skillsmanship at beautiful Camp Wandawega.

Led by Rohan Anderson  Australian hunter, forager, cookbook author and one of your correspondent’s favorite bloggers  the workshop is two days of getting back to Mother Nature.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to quickly and painlessly dispatch a rabbit
  • How to skin and butcher small game
  • How to fillet, debone and prepare trout for smoking and curing
  • How to cure pork and make bacon

The setting is reason alone to get out here. For the uninitiated: Wandawega is a lakeside camp getaway less than a two-hour drive away in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Charming cabins (see here and here). Well-kept grounds. Vintage everything. A pure old-school throwback.

In other words: the perfect backdrop for a weekend of self-reliance and simple living.

A ticket grants accommodation and meals for the weekend. And as you might expect, they’re extremely limited.

See you out there.

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