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Van L. Speakerworks: It's time to chuck the iPod dock

  • 27 November 2013

There is a point in a man’s life when he realizes that iPod dock speakers are crap.

You can’t fill a room. You can’t romance a lady. And you can’t entertain holiday guests. Not in those sonic shallows.

So here’s the first step on your journey to a better, more adult sound: Van L. Speakerworks, Chicago’s very own boutique of custom-made, wood-coned speakers.

These are a man’s woofers.

Tucked away in a small storefront on Western, Van L.’s speakers are designed and built to produce the most unadulterated, clear and full-ranged sound imaginable.

And, since he’s factory direct, you get the kind of quality you’d get with speakers four times the cost.

And they look stunning. Whether you’re after the floor-standing Silhouettes or the bookshelf-friendly Quartets or Duets, John (Van Leishout, owner) can slap on any wood finish, from cherry to mahogany.

He also offers repairs and upgrades to just about any speaker you throw at him.

Even iPod docks.

The Specifics

Van L. Speakerworks

5704 N. Western Ave.
b/w Admore & Hollywood
(773) 769-0773

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