Sexy Burlesque Cabaret. C’mere.

Uptown Underground: Burlesque. Vaudeville. Yes.

By The Editors
January 2, 2015 9:00 am

Welcome back. Here’s your first to-do for 2015:

Have some moonshine.

Enjoy some hoochie coochie.

And schmooze in one of Al Capone’s former hideouts.

Introducing the Uptown Underground, a shimmering underground speakeasy of burlesque, cabaret and all things sophisticated and free, open now in Uptown.

A labor of love by the doyennes at Kiss Kiss Cabaret, the Underground is a delightful take on the clubs of the Jazz Age, a gathering place for socialites and general seduction and naked-ity.

Brass tacks: this is your new uptempo spot to bring anyone from clients to dates, as long as they’re not of the prudish sort.

Inside: a full-service retro bar in a 150-seat main-stage room with smaller lounge areas for those seeking to get intimate.

Expect vintage programming seven nights a week. Cabaret. Vaudeville acts. Parlor magic. It’s all here. Live and in color.

Plus: vintage arcade games, jazzy tunes and the playful flitting and flaunting of the Kiss Kiss Coquettes.

Check the calendar. Your tickets await.

Happy new year, indeed.


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