The Best BBQ You’ve Ever Thrown Starts Here

One summer. Four cookouts. You can do this.

By The Editors
June 30, 2015 9:00 am

At dawn, the house still and noiseless, the man preps.

His tools sharpened and laid out in front of him; his rubs and marinades mixed and measured.

Around noontime, as neighbors file in from the cul-de-sac, he will wed butane with charcoal and conduct his symphony.

That man is a grillmaster. And behind every great grillmaster are well-laid plans.

Here are yours: King of the Grill, our comprehensive four-part guide to cookin’ outdoors this summer.

It’s got everything you need to spit-roast, shrimp-boil and BBQ your way to victory this summer.

Inside, we dig into the art of the cookout, from this year’s best burger-flipping supplies to practical tips from chefs who know the subject matter well.

Like how to throw down on a Low Country boil with chef Vivian Howard, host of a A Chef’s Life on PBS.

Or Pig Roasting 101 with Cosmo Goss, chef de cuisine at The Publican in Chicago.

There’s also steak advice from Billy Oliva, the guy behind the chops at Delmonico’s in New York.

Plus: we hook up with the lads at Huckberry to bring you a collection of our favorite gear for backyard entertaining.

Hammocks. Speakers. Some pigskin. Y’know: the fun stuff.

You’re gonna need it.

Now get to preppin’.

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