Look Who’s Talking

September 4, 2014 9:00 am

A memorable meal comes down to three simple things:

Company. Food. Conversation. All good.

Covering those three in a well-nigh palatable weekend: Taste Talks Chicago, the inaugural gathering of marquee chefs and culinary illuminati from all parts Midwest, limited tickets now available.

Think of Taste Talks as the G20 of the food world: a festival with a purpose that goes beyond pure gluttony (looking at you, every bacon festival ever).

Presented by Mario Batali and curated by Paul Kahan, the three-day fest offers a chance to mingle with chefs from top Chicago restos who will all drop nuggets of knowledge on the state of our food culture  past, present and future.

Panels and workshops (full schedule here) on our radar:

Plus: a secret pop-up dinner with Dinner Lab and an incredible all-star chef BBQ  peep the lineup.

Single event tickets are available. But we suggest grabbing an All Access Pass which, understandably, doesn’t come cheap.

Because taste may talk, but hey — money does, too.

Photo Credit: Northside Media Group


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