Steak Holders

By The Editors
October 30, 2013 9:00 am

The Packers — those moldy-domed McCarthyites whose offensive line has more holes than a cheese hat — host the Bears at Lambeau Field next Monday.

We won’t have Cutler. We won’t have Briggs.

But we will have meat, thanks to Red Meat Market, the Chicago-based online marketplace that delivers some of the best cuts in the Midwest, now gracing your grill.

Red Meat’s philosophy is simple: animals who live a happy life produce tastier meat.

That means cuts of grass-fed beef, pork and lamb from respected Corn Belt farms like Gunthorp and Slagel, where the animals roam free about verdant, hillocked pastures.

Now when it comes to game day, variety is key.

A good place to start: the Steak Sampler. If you’re just feeding the fam? Go with the Weekender. But the whole parking lot? All of the above plus the Combo Griller.

Oh, bring some brats, too.

Because some things from Wisconsin we actually enjoy.


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