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Q Brothers: Grooming goods for the modern man

By The Editors
December 17, 2014 9:00 am

Whatever happened to the pharmacy?

You know: the place where they dispensed medicine as well as advice? Had a homespun feel? Was a family business? Not just an overlit superstore that sells cigarettes and gum?

Well, Merz Apothecary is like that — and they’ve been kickin’ it in Lincoln Square since 1875.

And they wanna teach you, ye’ man of the modern world, a lesson in old-school charm.

So meet Q Brothers, Merz’s brand new gentlemen’s grooming emporium, now open right next door in Lincoln Square.

First thing you’ll notice: this ain’t Walgreens.

On offer: handcrafted soaps, grooming kits and quality face cutlery from labels like Edwin Jagger, whose Ebony Double-Edge Razor 3 Piece Gift Set makes for a classy present for your pops or yourself.

Or take a gander at the Dovo straight razors.

For the well-coiffed, Q Brothers offers the best in the biz: Layrite, Imperial and Reuzel.

And then there’s Baxter of California, a brand that knows he who smells better smells like fresh mint.

Plus, throwback everyday goods from Fine and Proraso and many more.

So, here’s to Merz, and another century of excellence.

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