Grate Job

By The Editors
April 18, 2014 9:00 am

A pitmaster once pulled your correspondent aside and dropped some advice:

“If you cook with gas,” he said, “you might as well cook inside.”

Wise words. Because after all, BBQ comes down to the ritual of being outdoors. The smell of charcoal. That real heat. The simplicity.

Here to give you all three this season: the Pit Barrel Cooker, available now.

Brought to you by an army vet, the Pit Barrel is a 30-gallon vertical steel cooker that rides the line between smoker and grill.

We’re talking low and slow. Hanging meat on hooks.

This allows two things: more space for meat, and heat regulation.

Result: perfect, always-tender BBQ.

The kit comes with a pre-measured charcoal basket  no guesswork here  plus a grill grate for your searin’ needs. And since it requires practically no assembly, you’re ready to ‘cue it up right outta the box.

As for portability, it’s a 15-lb. barrel. So yes, perfect for the lake or park cookout.

All you need are a few choice cuts and some mouths to feed.

And a pitmaster … lookin’ at you.


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