Never Go To the Doctor Again. Actually, Though.

Orunje: In a nutshell, it’s Uber for healthcare

By The Editors
July 2, 2015 9:00 am

The sick man’s paradox:

Must go to doctor.

But do not want to move.

And definitely don’t want to flip through contaminated back issues of People while glaring at children who have yet to learn the meaning of personal space.

What you need, sick man, is a doctor who comes to you.

And that’s Orunje, the Chicago concern that sends board-certified doctors to the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, really, booking now.

Think of Orunje as the house call of the future.

All you gotta do is request an appointment online. There, you’ll impart your complaints, symptoms or ailments.

Maybe you’re not feeling well. Maybe you’re overdue for a physical. Maybe you just want a routine check-up.

Orunje’s cavalry of MDs and nurse practitioners will get to you within two hours and keep you right all summer long.

And for now, they’ll take care of extra urgent care needs for free: basic bloodwork, X-rays, lab work, IVs and the like.

So, sign up today.

The doctor will you see now.

Wherever you are.

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