The 9 Scariest Rooms in Chicago
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The 9 Scariest Rooms in Chicago

Only one is in River North.

  • 15 October 2014

When you’re a kid, hell seems like a fun concept.

The ghosts, the devils, the graveyards.

When you’re a grown-ass man, hell can, at times, seem like where you live.

The Cubs imploding, deserted L platforms, the Cubs imploding again.

With those daily frustrations in mind, we present The Chicago House of Horrors.

The Chicago House of Horrors is what a haunted house would be, if that haunted house truly made you wallow in the terror of day-to-day Chicago.

Meat-deficient burgers.

The sound of Michael Madigan's voice.

River North.

Hey, we love Chicago.

It’s just a terrifying place to live.

The Specifics

The Chicago House of Horrors

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