Beer’d Science

By The Editors
May 8, 2014 9:00 am

Homebrewing! It’s like Weird Science.

You put in a little bit of geeky effort and, instead of going out for beers, you have your very own … Kelly LeBock?

Yes. And here’s how: HopBox, pretty much the most gorgeous all-in-one brew kit, available now for pre-order.

The first thing you’ll notice about HopBox is the hand-built pine and cedar base. Portable. Saves space. Has a drawer to neatly store all your tools.

In other words: wife-approved.

Everything else falls into place: the glass fermentation tank, syphon and funnel all fit squarely in the box, which relieves any mess made when transferring the finished product to those handsome 16-oz. cobalt bottles.

And along with a full set of recipes and ingredients, you’ve got your pick of various sizes, so you can brew anywhere from 10 to 30 beers at a time. Expect orders to ship in July.

Till then, bottoms up.


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