Jordan’s Sneakers. Want ‘Em?

Grey Flannel’s Holiday Auction, taking bids now

By The Editors
November 24, 2014 9:00 am

A man will do a lot of things to prove the fervor of his fandom.

Paint his belly in team colors. Pay $10K for a gallon of McJordan BBQ sauce. Y’know, slide through a urinal.

But should you be interested in more refined tokens of your fervor, direct your attention, instead, to Grey Flannel’s Holiday Auction, taking bids now.

Up for grabs: signed and worn gear from greats like Jordan, Bird, Ruth, Banks, Ali and more.

The highlights:

Now, anything MJ-related usually means big-ticket bids, no matter how ridiculous the memorabilia.

Hence, $10K for that BBQ sauce.

Let’s all think about that for a sec.

Thanks for the memories, Michael. Thanks.

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