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Green St. Smoked Meats, your new go-to BBQ

  • 13 February 2014

Slow-smoked barbeque and mezcal are not the first things you think of when it comes to Restaurant Row.

Unless you’re hip to Green Street Smoked Meats, a warehouse of smoky goodness tucked away in an alley off Randolph, now open.

Brought to you by the team behind your favorite Old Fashionedburger and doughnut — you can deduce what comes next.

The best way to describe this joint is to describe what it’s not. It’s not a sit-down BBQ resto. It’s not an easy-to-spot storefront. And it’s certainly not a place for meat diffidence.

This is a bare-bones Texas-style BBQ pit. The menu: simple. And what you do in the dim glare of those stringed light bulbs: very simple.

At the counter you’ll take your picks of half-pound parcels of fatty goodness from the oak-burning cast-steel smoker.

Slices of pork belly that leak clear grease. Juicy, black-crusted brisket. Glistening hot links and pork ribs. Classic sides like potato and macaroni salad.

For drinks, try the Mezcal Sling. Or just grab a few tallboys from the ice bucket sinks next to the bar.

Then let the gut-busting begin.

Photo Credit: Kari Skaflen

The Specifics

Green Street Smoked Meats

112 N. Green St.
b/w Randolph & Washington
(312) 754 - 0431

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