Paddy Cake

By The Editors
March 10, 2014 9:00 am

St. Paddy’s Day tends to bring out the amateurs.

Revelers who, like besotted leprechauns, seek the end of the rainbow and its pot of beer-pong gold.

This year, say goodbye to all that at Grand Tour, a gastropub plating elevated Irish eats, now open in Ravenswood.

Grand Tour’s your new neighborhood haunt: a global hub of food and drink with a central roundabout bar, exposed brick walls and flatscreens dedicated to international and stateside sports.

Their menu features grub from a new region every month, and this month, fittingly, the specialties come from the land of Micks and Bridgets.

On order: corned beef sausage with cabbage and a smoked rainbow trout with champ potato cake dish that would make even Maimeo happy.

You’ll want to explore the regular menu, too, which flavor-trips everywhere from China to Iceland to Spain to Mexico. Our favored destination: the Jamaica-inspired marinated jerk octopus and crispy plantains drizzled with habanero citrus vinaigrette.

It’s reason to book a return trip.

Ed. note: As of publishing date, Grand Tour awaits a liquor license. With luck of the Irish they’ll have it by the weekend. Till then, they’re BYO. Stay updated and you can plan accordingly.


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