Your Next Date-Night Trick? The Goodman Theatre’s Magic Play.

One foolproof date night. Involves magic. The cool kind.

By The Editors
October 10, 2016 9:00 am

Done wrong, a magic show is a surefire way to guarantee you’ll be sleeping alone on any given night.

Done right, though, it’ll inspire genuine surprise, wonder and maybe even a little romance.

Case in point: The Goodman Theatre’s Magic Play, opening next week. We suggest nabbing tickets now.

Pair it with Chicago’s newest home for premium shirting and a dinner of King crab and Maine lobster, and you’ve one part play, one part magic show, all parts memorable date night. Here’s your three-step plan for doing it right.

The Pledge: A New Shirt
For your first trick: handsome dress shirts for an unbelievable price. Known for their incredibly affordable neckwear, local company Tie Bar just launched its first ever shirting line, and you’d do well to stock up on … well, all of ‘em. We’re partial to the Indigo Chambray number for an evening like tonight. Head to Tie Bar’s brick-and-mortar in Lincoln Park to give it a try, and pick out a new tie while you’re at it. You are heading to the theater, after all. Clean up.

The Turn: A Seafood Feast
You’re dining on Maine lobster tonight. Also, a half-pound of Red King crab legs. And whatever she’s having. All this at Beacon Tavern, the charming riverside eatery tucked away off the Mag Mile. Oh, and don’t miss the bread-and-butter service — the Tribune literally called it “magic.” In terms of a date night with delicious food and ambience, if you can do better than Beacon Tavern in the area, let us know.

The Prestige: The Show
As a show being billed as one part play, one part magic show, we’ll say the the Goodman Theatre’s Magic Play is all parts memorable date night. Written by Andrew Hinderaker and co-produced with New York’s Roundabout Theatre Company, the show follows a magician — playing by actor and actual magician Brett Schneider — who must take the stage just hours before his lady has left him. Brutal. But expect no gimmicks here. Just some good ol’ fashioned tomfoolery, set within the parameters of theater. Simply a must-see. Your tickets await.


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