The World’s Best BBQ Comes to Chicago

Franklin Barbecue. Ever heard of it?

June 19, 2015 9:00 am

Fourth of July weekend. Got plans?

Clear ‘em.

We found a BBQ that’ll put every other BBQ to shame.

Because Franklin Barbecue — that little piece of smoked heaven out of Austin, Texas — is coming to town for a three-night dinner series that very weekend.

Tickets go on sale today at noon.

And they will sell very, very fast.

If you’ve been to Austin, you already know why.

It’s arguably the best barbecue spot in Texas.

Pitmaster Aaron Franklin’s showstopper: brisket.

Also known for: pork ribs. And being an absolute BBQ nerd.

He’ll be manning the pit with help of Chef Hunter Moore of Parson’s Chicken & Fish.

The menu is currently hush-hush (and hopefully hush-puppy), but anticipate everything you’d expect from the man’s East Austin joint.

Except no line.

So grab your tickets.

Because no line for BBQ this good?

That’s the ‘Merican dream.

Nota bene: A must-have for every man’s library? Franklin’s Meat-Smoking Manifesto. Bring a copy along and get it signed.

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