High Spirits

By The Editors
May 20, 2014 9:00 am

What’s worse than a Memorial Day BBQ without booze?

A Memorial Day BBQ that runs out of booze. Don’t be that host.

Here to save you from never going dry again: Drizly, the just-launched app that allows you to man the grill while someone else goes on the liquor run for you.

Simply download the app (Android or iOS). Punch in a few credentials. Align your sights and fire away. Because Drizly partners with local retailers, you can expect your hooch delivered in an hour or less.

Selection varies from hood to hood, but runs the gamut from Macallan to Few Gin, along with a healthy wine section and all the craft brews you want. So y’know, just like any liquor store.

Drizly currently serves select neighborhoods in the city (check the map to see if your spot makes the list) and charges a $5 delivery fee.

A small price for the convenience of it all. Not to mention the assurance of perfectly grilled steaks.

We’ll raise a glass to that.

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