Watch a Team of Alleged Humans Change a Tire in 1.92 Seconds

Your move, Jiffy Lube

June 21, 2016 9:00 am

The last time your correspondent changed a tire, I was with my old man. Took us about 10 minutes, which I thought was pretty good at the time. Of course, it would’ve been faster had he not knocked a hubcap out of my hands, sending a handful of loose bolts aloft in a slow-motion cascade that elicited an impromptu F-word out of my then nine-year-old mouth.

Wait; that wasn’t me. That was A Christmas Story.

Regardless, I have never changed a tire in 1.92 seconds, a world-record time that was tied by Nico Roseberg and the Mercedes team at this weekend’s inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Watch it above. And then watch it again. And then watch it 28 more times, because you can do that in one minute.

Humans are neat.

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