Watch a Keyless-Entry Mercedes Get Hacked, Stolen in 60 Seconds

Someone call Nic Cage. We've got a sequel to pitch him.

November 28, 2017 9:00 am

Your car is no escape from the perils of modern society.

The proof can be found in the video above.

Two thieves in Solihull, England, recently managed to steal a Mercedes in under a minute by tricking the car’s keyless technology.

In just-released security footage, you can see two perps pulling up alongside the victim’s house. Standing on either side of the car, the duo uses one relay box to pick up signals from the car owner’s key fob. Those signals are then sent to another relay box; now the car thinks the fob is present and unlocks the door, which also gives the carjackers access to the vehicle’s keyless transmission.

So far, there are no arrests in this “relay crime” (which took place in September) and the car hasn’t been recovered.

Some possible solutions to this new hack: Buy a steering lock, keep your car’s software updated … and get a tracking system if/when those ideas don’t work.

Or, as Gizmodo notes,  just use keys.

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