Stupid Sexy Brazilian Bikes

New wheels, a ride-along and one fat discount

By The Editors
March 25, 2016 9:00 am

Lorenzo Martone, chief of Martone Cycling, is based in the U.S. now, but he was born in Brazil.

His favorite childhood memory? Santa showing up with his very first bike.

He called her Fina: Portuguese for “skinny.”

Fast forward 30 years, and the São Paulo-born entrepreneur’s line of commuter bikes is one of the best-looking on the planet.

And they’ve finally arrived in S.F.

You have two choices:

Plan #1: Join Martone (the man) — who is in town to support Martone (the brand) — on a ride-along on Saturday, setting off from Little Gem at 10 a.m. with stops in the Tenderloin, SoMa and more.

As for the steed you should bring to the party? A Martone, of course, which you can pick up at Jay Jeffers – The Store (punctuation their own) as of this week. Our pick? The Greenwich Diamond, with the brand’s standard automatic shifting system.

Plan #2: Book in for an overnight at the new Hotel Zeppelin, which has eight Martones on offer for guests to take for a spin.

If you end up liking them, head over to Jay Jeffers to make it official — the shop is offering a 30 percent discount through the end of the month.

Let’s ride.

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