Step Aside, UPS: VW Just Announced an All-Electric Cargo Van

What can white over cobalt blue do for you?

October 9, 2018 9:00 am

Last summer, Volkswagen debuted the ID Buzz concept — an all-electric iteration of their iconic van — at the Detroit Motor Show. We called it a “four-wheeled, acid flashback-fueled dream come true.”

Don’t worry: the Buzz is still in the works and is set to debut in all its earth-saving glory in 2022.

But arriving before then, in 2021, will be the worker-bee older brother to the Buzz’s beachside trustafarian — VW just announced another new people mover called the Buzz Cargo.

vw microbus (4 images)

The Cargo is all-electric and will travel a hefty 350 miles on a single charge (think SF to LA, or Boston to Philadelphia). Not to mention that solar panels on the roof can extend its daily allotment. Impressively, it charges up to 80% capacity in just 15 minutes, and the battery is integrated into the vehicle floor, which helps with handling.

Other features sure to make the Buzz Cargo a parcel-deliverer’s paradise? A tracking system with an Internet-of-things hook-up to make sure all packages are accounted for, a shotgun door that opens electronically, smart shelves and smarter lighting in the back, and wing doors that open up to make room for a mobile workshop (with sockets!). 

Whether you’re commerically inclined or just pumped, more information on the planned release here. Until 2021, we’ll all just have to make do with UPS trucks. 

All images via Volkswagen 

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